Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dehydrating Frenzy

Hello all. These past few days have been very busy trying to make all sorts of dehydrated goodies to bring back to school with me. I love my excalibur dehydrator, and it really allows me to make a huge variety of delicious and nutritious raw treats, but it is very big! In fact, I keep in it the basement at home or it just looks like an ugly black box hanging out in the main stream of things. I think it would also take up to much room in my tiny dorm room (which is already going to have the new additions of my juicer and vitamix), which is why I have been on a dehydrating frenzy lately. A couple of the many things I made were cinnamon maple crispies and cocoa crispies (same recipe except you replace the cinnamon with cocoa). I originally made one batch of each, which gives you about 4 cups for each, but everyone in my house loves it with milk in the morning so it is already almost gone! Last night I made two more batches of the cinnamon maple variety (my favorite) and I am putting them on lockdown to take back to college! I also made a new granola that I am super excited to try.

I have also been busy making nut milks (or nut mylks as the raw food world likes to call them). I have been drinking my first homemade batch of almond milk with my cinnamon and cocoa crispies :)

Lots of raw desserts have been coming out too! I made caramel bars for the first time...yummm. They took a lot of dehydrating time (48 hours) but kitchen time was minimal). And I made another batch of the congo bars. I have plans to whip up another batch of the cinnamon raisin cookies (this time as a chocolate chip cookie variety though), however I am not sure if I will be too wiped out tomorrow to make another recipe.

Last but not least, I have been whipping out tons of juices and green drinks. I have created some really great juices--my favorite so far was pear, pineapple, and beets. I was really excited when I found bright orange beets with orange, yellow, and red shoots coming up from them the other day in the store. They made for a beautiful glass of juice! Not to mention beets are chock full of potassium. I even threw in some of the beet greens which are high in vitamin A, vitamin C, and calcium.

I think my next post will include my favorite cookbooks! Have a great Saturday!

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