Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Hello all! Just a short little post on my favorite cookbooks that I have acquired so far :)

 One of my first raw food books :)
 Another of my early raw food books
 The most delicious cupcakes and desserts (my go-to book for whenever I make cupcakes)
 After so much success with my first Magnolia cookbook I just had to get the sequel!
 New from this past Christmas but definitely my favorite raw food cookbook
 Another Sarma cookbook (and Matthew too...I can't forget him!) this one but I still use Living Raw Food more
 I actually haven't had a chance to make any recipes from this yet...but I think it will be a winner!
 Oh my goodness you must buy now!
 Another first raw food one
David is the master of desserts (non-raw) and this is the book that started my love affair with ice cream making...I even have my own labels (read: Steph's Scoops)

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