Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Blistering Socca (and cherries)

Hello! I hope all of your New Years are off to great starts. On to the recipes...

I first discovered Socca on Pure2Raw. I did a little googling and discovered that it is a French recipe, and although I am sure Pure2Raw is right on the money with their abundant recipes, I immediately clicked on my bookmark for David Lebovitz's Blog. His is a blog I have been following for many years now, ever since I discovered his mouth-watering ice cream cookbook a few summers ago. David is a pastry chef and dessert connoisseur who moved to Paris after living in California for many years. He is great at blogging about food specialties throughout France, and he did not let me down with his post about Socca. Socca is something like a savory crepe made with chickpea flour. It originates from Nice, where it cooked in a wood-fire oven. It is cooked until it begins to blister, drizzled with olive oil, and eaten right away while still warm. This is a quick and rewarding recipe (although takes a bit of planning because the batter must be mixed 2 hours in advance). I love that the ingredient list is short, simple, and good for you (no all-purpose flour or refined sugar). Can't wait to make this again!

Our favorite olive oil 

Nice and golden :)

Drizzled with olive oil

For Christmas I got a cherry pitter and today I finally got a chance to use it! A couple days ago I bought two bags of organic cherries from the grocery store. While I was waiting to obligatory 2 hours for my socca batter to thicken and set, I got to work pitting the cherries. What fun! Pitting cherries has always been a bit of a pain for me in the past, possibly deterring me from some of the cherry dehydrating I would normally do. But with this new handy gadget, pitting cherries is quick and easy!

I now have two trays of cherries dehydrating away. Cherries are one of my favorite dried fruits, and I can't guarantee they won't get eaten before they make it into any recipes. But if they make it, my next food adventure is homemade granola which I think they would taste delicious in (I also made banana chips last week for granola). 

If you do this at home do in a big bowl because it creates quite a splatter!

The cherry weapon

Today's workout was a 3 mile run and my new yoga dvd which I will tell you about in my next post.

Enjoy your night :)

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