Sunday, January 9, 2011

Busy Busy!

Whoops! I forgot to post this yesterday!....

Hello there everyone. These past few days have been very busy and I haven't had any time to post. They have been a fun couple of days though (with the exception to last night)! Sadly I did not take any pictures because of the company (i'm still getting used to always being equipped with a camera for when yummy food opportunities present themselves!)

On Thursday my family's good friends from Russia came :). Because everyone had either work or school, I hung out with them during the day. We took a drive up to Saratoga, and visited my favorite sandwich and speciality shop, Putnam Market. If you are ever in the area Putnam is a perfect lunch spot in the village. The little boy in the family and I hit it off, and he decided to tell me the story of the three little bears (in russian!).

For dinner, we went to Longfellow's Inn and Restaurant, also in Saratoga. Longfellow's is a wonderful place for a gathering with close friends. We sat by the fireplace and it was warm and toasty (my favorite because I HATE when restaurants are so cold I feel like I need to wear my coat). I ordered the Maple Bourbon Salmon. Delicious! And my salmon came with my choice of starch...which if there is ever sweet potato fries offered on the menu you can be certain that is what I will order. A delicious meal with wonderful company. It was a great night full of laughter with the people we love.

Yesterday was also a busy and exciting day. I finally took the plunge and made two very exciting purchases. Purchases any raw foody would love to have and even items that a regular chef and cook would like. A Vitamix Super 5200 and a Breville Juicer. The Vitamix brand carries the most powerful high-speed blenders on the market. Their strong 2 horse-power motors are made in Sweden, but the rest of the parts are made right here in the US. The Super 5200 comes with both a wet blade container and a dry blade container so you can make everything from smoothies to soups to your own flours from whole grains! I cannot wait for it to come in, and once it does I will be sure to show you everything it can do. After a lot of research on juicers I narrowed down on this one, and I am hoping I made a great choice. The Breville Ikon Multi-Speed Juice Fountain has a good reputation. Because of the multiple speeds, you can set the speed so as to get optimum juice whether it be leafy greens and fleshy fruits or starchy carrots.

This brings me to my goal for year 2011. I am going to try to drink green juices at least 4 days a week. Preferably in the morning to jump start my day. I have only ever had the Naked Green Drink so it will be a new adventure but I think it will be a good one. If I seem to be enjoying all the benefits that green juices bring I may even try my own mini-cleanse at some point during the year!

Last night we had a wonderful snow storm, and it is a beautiful winter wonderland here. However, last night we were driving to a basketball game during the storm in stop and go traffic and someone slammed into us from behind! And the worst?! The guy took off! Can you believe people? Thankfully everyone's okay but it was quite the commotion. The snow is still beautiful though, and my mom and I took a walk this morning to appreciate it before it melts.

...and as promised, my new yoga dvd! I have done it two times so far, and am thinking I will do it again today. It is an hour long, a perfect length in my opinion for a complete yoga session. It is difficult and you with definitely work your body, but Bob Harper does a good job at showing you modifications if you are a beginning yogi (which I certainly am). I got my copy of the Inside Out Method: Yoga for the Warrior at borders, who had it on sale for only $11.99. The dvd also comes with a yoga abs routine, which I have not tried but am sure will be good also.

Tomorrow I am taking a trip to visit my boyfriend's family. I made guacamole this morning, and will make some buffalo chicken dip later for Sunday football.

 My family already ate the half left home for us and it was delicious! I don't use a specific recipe for my guac, I just taste as I go but here was today's combo:

6 ripe avocados
2 limes, juiced (mine were pretty juicy)
1/2 Medium-Large White Onion, diced (I don't like my onion flavor to be prominent so I dice almost to the point of mincing)
1 large handful of cilantro, minced
1 large garlic glove, minced
2/3 large tomato (big boy variety size), diced
1 long hot pepper (I can't remember the variety I tried)
Salt and pepper to taste

I find it easiest to mix everything in a gallon sized ziplock. I first mash the avocado flesh, until almost all the chunks are gone (I like mine a bit chunky but feel free to mash to you heart's content!). Add everything else but the tomato. Mix everything up, and add tomato. Mix, but be sure to to smash the tomato up too much, you wants pieces not mush! Add salt and pepper to taste, and a little cumin and cayenne pepper if you like more heat (I usually don't add these but they are still great).

What are you all doing for the weekend? Fun get-together or some great relaxation time?

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